Saturday, May 27, 2006

After one entire night fighting to put my hurd devel machine running well, finally I started to work on the project properly said.

Using debian-installer directory patched with Colin Watson work, I started to build the d-i dir packages (udebs) with not many problems in begin. Some small fixes are made in clock-setup package but the great challenge, and I was looking for one of that, started with netcfg package. The file netcfg-common.c dont compile with curious and seemed errors in three functions (is_interface_up, interface_up and interface_down), right now I'm trying to search why the error happen, currently I have no idea what could be causing this but I'm working on it.

Currently, the two most harder points of packages to understand is kernel-wedge (should I need to build it?) and arch.

Well, now let me back to search solutions for netcfg build problem.


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